Governments are pulling on Green Energy Support part 2

When an article about “intuitive” or “impulsive” decision making and its numerous pitfalls gets out, we always check to make sure our services or applications would have allowed a better course selection. It is our duty, in our capacity of decision making support consultants, to make sure our services and applications are robust and would be beneficial to our clients. Governments are pulling on Green Energy Support part 2 Last week, in Scientific American of March 1st  we read the…

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Kiss Approach To Risk Based Decision Making

Who doesn’t have to make decisions? Private decisions? Job related/business decisions? No matter your age, position, job, we all have to make decisions almost on a day to day basis. Decisions alternatives, even the straight forward ones, often have hidden/secondary effects, and most of the time are made more difficult by our perception, sentimental values etc. Large corporations sometimes use highly sophisticated procedures to support their decisions on capital expenditure, investments, processes, and yet, oftentimes, they realize afterwards that the…

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Dai forza alla tua organizzazione con conoscenze e strumenti necessari per ottenere sana crescita e sviluppo

Un sondaggio ha permesso l'identificazione dei contenuti più ambiti per dei corsi di Gestione dei rischi e delle crisi nel "dopo crisi, recessione economica". Si tratta di argomenti utili a studenti ed imprenditori od impiegati in posti chiave. I corsi possono essere veicolati in diversi modi direttamente ai beneficiari, e grazie ad una joint venture includono anche argomenti specifici al mondo finanziario e bancario.

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Empower your Organization with Skills and Tools Needed for Healthy Growth & Development

A poll has helped to identify what "post economic downturn" Risk and Crisis Management courses should present to students and industrial/financial professionals looking to empower themselves with the latest on the subject. Courses can be brought through different channels directly into corporations/institutions, and Riskope has a cooperation agreement with another company to provide the full spectrum of Risk education, including banking specific knowledge.

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