ORE2_Tailings Dam Probability of Failure Analysis

ORE2_Tailings Dam Probability of Failure Analysis is the next step in the ORE2_Tailings deployment for a tailings dam. Last week we looked at the causality analysis and the general data structure  enabling the methodology to work. Data for Tailings Dam probability analysis Ancillary water management structures such as weirs, penstock and related tunnel, diversion ditches are described and evaluated including water balance and its “near-misses”. The presence of pipelines at the crest is also part of the potential hazardous elements…

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ORE2_Tailings case history

ORE2_Tailings case history looks at a real tailings dam. It shows how to interpret ORE2_Tailings probabilities ranges predictions, benchmarks and other useful indications.   Description of the real-life active tailings dam case history The case history is a 72.5m high dam with a modified centerline cross section. Construction has stopped, meaning there is no active deposition at this time. Therefore the dam is inactive. The dam stores tailings and a supernatant pond. It has a weir in fair state of…

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Space observable data for tailings dam probability of failure

Tailings 2.0 first step is focusing on Space observable data for tailings dam probability of failure.  The probability of failure for each dam in the clients’ portfolio is in essence the result of a multitude of actions/inactions, features and behaviors. Portfolios can go from one to a few dams and finally, for example, hundreds of dams. In this second TMW2018 course summary blogpost we discuss how probabilities are evaluated. However all the fundamental steps which constitute the theoretical developments are freely…

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