Tolerable risk thresholds

Tolerable risk thresholds, aka risk tolerance are always project and owner-specific. They indicate the level of risk which has been deemed acceptable for a specific project or operation. Furthermore, tolerable risk thresholds and appetite for risk is quite different for various key stakeholders, for instance: Mine owner, Regulatory Bodies, Adjacent Communities, etc.   So how can one manage the sometimes divergent tolerable risk thresholds between stakeholders? Additionally, a topic that comes regularly in the mining world is diverging risk tolerance among…

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Business startups success show stoppers and tolerable risks

Business startups success show stoppers and tolerable risks This is a follow up on last week’s post showing how ORE can evaluate business startups success, show stoppers and tolerable risks. Indeed, ORE showed quantitatively where the a priori: “party-breakers”, “underlying assumptions” as well as “key success elements” were in each case. Thus it allows to avoid those pitfalls. The success and failure probabilities were in good agreement with a Kaufmann Foundation study. For the portfolio analysis we have now to look at…

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