Lessons learned in twenty years of hazard, risk and resilience analyses

Writing lessons learned in twenty years of hazard, risk and resilience analyses has been a difficult exercise for various reasons. We compiled  and explain lessons learned in our practice of risk assessment and resilience advice to industries, municipalities and regional governments around the world in our latest book, Convergent Leadership – Divergent Exposures: Climate Change, Resilience, Vulnerabilities, and Ethics. However, the fact that we systematically apply our quantitative convergent approach (ORE, Optimum Risk Estimates) to all sorts of industries and…

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Convergent Leadership Divergent Exposures

The title of our new book is Convergent Leadership Divergent Exposures. The manuscript was delivered to our publisher on March 1st 2021 and should be published by July 29th 2021. How will Convergent Leadership Divergent Exposures benefit you? Today’s corporate, industrial and government decision makers must address risks and hazards on a scale never before encountered. As a matter of fact, policy makers and managers face complex business-as-usual hazards, black swans and Acts of God that can lead to devastating…

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Cryptominers exploit miners vulnerabilities

Miners are under a new attack as Cryptominers exploit miners vulnerabilities. Programs that hijack computer resources to mine cryptocurrencies without permission are indeed a new threat in the list. In summary, the “old list” for miners reportedly encompassed for example: Ransomware, which holds a company’s data hostage until a ransom is paid. data leaks. worms that could break down equipement “a la” stuxnet focussing on the SCADA system. However, the real-life general list is way longer, as witnessed by a…

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