Empower your Organization with Skills and Tools Needed for Healthy Growth & Development

Empower your Organization with Skills and Tools Needed for Healthy Growth & Development

May 13th, 2009

Empower your Organization with Skills and Tools Needed for Healthy Growth & Development

Empower your Organization with Skills and Tools Needed for Healthy Growth & Development, Web Based Courses on Risk and Crisis Management by Riskope Oboni Riskope Associates Inc. and its mother company Riskope International SA (ORA, http://www.riskope.com ) have been active in the arena of Risk and Crisis Management (R&CM) Education since 1997, the year that saw our first Continuing Education R&CM course offered at UBC (University of British Columbia). In the last decade ORA has given courses, seminars, workshops at industries, international organizations and universities world-wide (Europe, North and South America, Australia, SE Asia, Japan and main land China) meanwhile authoring a number of e-campus based courses (for an Italian Regional government, for Miners world-wide, etc.),

Empower your Organization with Skills and Tools Needed for Healthy Growth & Development

economic downturn recession Crisis preditction 2008

As we were refining our teaching skills and programs, writing the book “Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management (published 2007, C. & F. Oboni, ISBN 978-0-9784462-0-8), that we now use as textbook for all our courses) we were alarmed to see that most MBA and Engineering Schools around the world were not offering their students wide spectrum R&CM courses, confining the theme to the so-called “financial risk” sector.

Meanwhile, innovative concepts and ideas promoted by ORA were adopted for example by large and prestigious mining industries, UNDP. We deployed in areas as different as transport and logistics risk, go/no-go decisions, alternative transportation systems. We were also active in humanitarian demining, operational risks, information warfare risks and many more. Among these concepts and ideas we can quote, for example:

  • defining and using quantitative risk tolerance criteria,
  • using risk as an alternative discriminant in the decision making process,
  • replacing NPV as a project cost evaluator. In fact, even more importanly bringing Risk Analysis at inception of any project, thus transforming Risk Assessments into proactive tools for project management.

Empower your Organization with Skills and Tools Needed for Healthy Growth & Development

Like many, we do believe that time has come to overhaul R&CM educational programs, especially under the current global financial crisis. We prepared a poll that was circulated among our vast network of professionals world-wide. The intent was to help us define contents that would suit practitioners and students

Results of ORA Poll

The voters expressed needs for detailed discussion of:

  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative approaches in Risk Assessment,
  • the link between the so called financial and non financial risks, i.e. a unified transparent approach to R&CM,
  • representative real life case studies,
  • general requirement for honing their skills in presenting/understanding Risk Assessment results
  • developing risk tolerance curves for their businesses, leading to enhanced decision making processes.

ORA’s Commitment to Your Success

ORA knows that financial risks are quite specific, complex and deep areas of expertise. Thus ORA has partnered with the Credience Group (www.credience.com, CREDIENCE = CREDIT SCIENCE). We intend to fortify the offering with Basel II compliant financial risk management.

Credience knows the science and art of financial risk management. From their innovative Training and Consulting Services, through to their ingenious Software Products, Credience has the power to add value to your Organization. No matter which industry you are in, Credience can help you.

More than ever, analytical insight of enterprise wide risk management is necessary for any Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and their company. Risk Management is no longer just a “tick in the box” exercise and Riskope and Credience can empower your Organization with skills and tools needed for healthy growth & development.

Suggested ORA R&CM Course Program

By using the results of our poll, ORA has adapted the table of contents of the general R&CM course to exactly match the new requirements of the present environment. We took great care  in selecting numerous real life case studies that will appeal to different horizons of professionals.

ORA’s R&CM courses could be brought to your delegates with any of the following methods (in English, Italian, French, Spanish):

  • classic classroon course
  • seminars/workshops and finally
  • e-education

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