How to get the most out of (Vegetable) Waste Oil for your Small or Medium Business: CDA-ESM can help you to select the best option

Waste Oil for your Small or Medium Business Reportedly, some fast food chains started (2007) to use their waste cooking oil to make biodiesel. In one example encompassing 1200 restaurants, the entire corporate truck fleet of 155 vehicles was converted to biodiesel, which means 6.1 million liters of waste oil put to use on the roads. Other sources reveal that McDonald’s trucks in Austria have been using biodiesel “for a few years.” In order to show how Comparative Decision Analysis-Economic…

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Can we quantify reputational risk? Basel Committee is getting close to asking this.

quantify reputational risk The Basel Committee is getting closer to asking firms to try to quantify reputational risk and at Riskope we consider it absolutely feasible. Indeed, in the probability-cost of consequence plot (i.e. the “risk space”) reputational risks can be easily added (they come as costs multipliers). These two presentations: Pres1 and Pres2 contain information from our courses and book related to adding reputational components to standard risk assessments and risk based decision making. This type of analyses can…

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