Decision Makers are Hamlet’s Modern-Age Avatars

An Avatar can be either an embodiment (for example: “the Buddha is an avatar of the god Vishnu”) or the personification of a familiar idea (for example “the embodiment of hope”; “the incarnation of evil”, etc.). So it is fitting to say that Decision makers are Hamlet’s modern age Avatars. Hopefully they do not have to deal with a nasty uncle who murdered their father and married their mother, but often have to find answers to critical questions, which certainly…

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New ISO 31000 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines

The New ISO 31000 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines’ comes at the end of a four-year development period, during which up to 60 experts, representing 30 countries, worked within an ISO international technical committee. The ISO 31000 Guidelines are designed for a wide range of risk management practitioners, experienced or novice, and for those responsible for risk management oversight who are interested in benchmarking their risk management organisation and practices against a recognized international reference. ISO 31000 describes voluntary risk management…

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Going green or clean tech does not mean to stop thinking!

We have posted many times on the need to develop proper financial comparisons between business alternatives. Going green, emission-free or clean tech is becoming more and more interesting, for many businesses and organizations, especially since enticing financing opportunities are offered by governments around the world. But beware, though clean tech does not mean to stop thinking. Generous financing should not be an excuse for lowering your guard and place a bet on projects, alternatives, developments that may haunt your sustainability, instead of enhancing…

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