Why Legal Negligence Test is not a Critical Test for an Operation?

Why Legal Negligence Test is not a Critical Test for an Operation ? Isn’t that an interesting question to discuss? Many recognize that, in its simplest form, Risk= (probability of a hazard occurring) x (Cost of consequences of the hazard hitting) The definition is available in Hiromitsu Kumamoto and Ernest J. Henley, Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Management for Engineers and Scientists, 2nd edition (New York: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., 1996), p. 2.). Therefore a company-wide risk can…

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Toma de decisiones basada en el riesgo con ejemplos concretos y reales (Estudios de Casos)

Este curso presenta un enfoque transparente y unificado para la gestión de riesgos y crisis, y analiza la relación entre los riesgos financieros y no financieros. Se trata de la evolución de los enfoques cualitativos y cuantitativos en la evaluación de riesgos, la forma de presentar los riesgos de una manera clara y transparente, y cómo utilizar su programa de gestión de riesgos para obtener el máximo valor para Usted y su empresa. También se presenta la gestión de crisis,…

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Prise de décisions basées sur les risques avec exemples concrets et réels (Etudes de Cas).

Ce cours présente une approche unifiée et transparente de la gestion des risques et des crises, il explore le lien entre ce qu’on appelle les risques financiers et les risques non financiers. Il couvre l’évolution des approches qualitatives et quantitatives dans l’évaluation des risques, la façon de présenter la prise de risques d’une manière claire et transparente, et la façon d’utiliser votre programme de gestion des risques pour obtenir une valeur plus sure de votre entreprise. Ce cours présente également…

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In Riskope’s ( ) day to day review jobs we notice a number of pitfalls in Risk (Management) approaches:

In Riskope’s day to day review jobs we notice a number of Pitfalls in Risk (Management) approaches. For example: Deficiencies and sometimes, to a lesser extent, excess in defining scenarios included in the analysis. The apparently “desperate need to use precise numbers” when dealing to quantitative analyses. That plays in favor of excessively fuzzy and confusing qualitative or indexed approaches. Users use them  with the excuse that anyways “numbers will be wrong”. The irresistible need to delve into exceedingly complex…

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Governments are pulling on Green Energy Support

Thanks to the recession, it appears that the wonderful “green world” of incentives is vanishing. Indeed, this occurs to many other government-created artificial heavens. The reason is, of course, the Recession. The one that was declared finished by many politicians a while ago, but mind you, not by us! Spanish and Germans governments are indeed withdrawing their “green” incentives, together with the French. British might have to do it as well. Because European austerity is rolling back subsidies for renewable energy…

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