Our clients beat the trends. We are proud to contribute to their leadership.

Our clients beat the trends. We are proud to contribute to their leadership.

Jun 9th, 2011

Our clients beat the trends. We are proud to contribute to their leadership. This blogpost discusses this issue. The trigger lied in reading a Deloitte’s report.

As a matter of fact, we read with a lot of interest Deloitte’s report entitled: Tracking the trends 2011, The top 10 issues mining companies will face in the coming year.

The issues

We summarize below the issues highlighted in Deloitte’s report:

1 Financing
2 Volatility
3 Stakeholders engagement
4 Taxes, regulations and governments
5 How to invest more strategically
6 Hiring and retaining talented workers
7 Prospection (in hazardous areas from a geo-climatic-geographic and political point of view)
8 Climate change and other hazards (including regulatory hazards)
9 Infrastructure gap in the countries of operation and finally
10 Exploring new revenues opportunities

Our clients beat the trends. We are proud to contribute to their leadership.

As we were reading the report, it became quickly rather obvious that many of the points in the list above had already been covered by recent Riskope’s jobs for international clients.

This proves that our clients are clairvoyant and were “on the trends” way ahead of the pack.
Moreover that demonstrates leadership, and we are proud to contribute to our clients’ success.

In order to bring concrete answers to our clients’ questions we developed unconventional and sometimes very innovative approaches. Sometimes these became entire new methodologies.

You can see below a summary of some selected jobss. We performed them in the last few years, covering a number of the issues highlighted by Deloittes’ report.

Moreover we have been and still are performing studies related to Cyber War and Cyber Defense for military and Civilian Clients.

Finally, Financial Comparison of long term alternatives, including upside and downside risks have also been performed for large environmental remediations (asbestos dump, arsenic stocks, etc.).

Alternative ways to work/process in hazardous climate and very diverse geographic areas have been studied in the field of transportation, unexploded ordnance (UXO), landmines etc.

Also, large multimodal transportation systems have been analyzed  with respect to climate change impacts, special hazards, including terrorism.

B2B, Corporate to Country solutions to reduce impact of seismic events, ingress/egress problems have been analyzed, prioritized, using Risk Based Decision Making (RBDM).

Cleantech solutions (disposal of waste oils, reduction of carbon footprint, alternative transportation modes, etc.) have been weighted and compared to standard solutions.

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