Information Security, Cyberwarfare, Security Guidelines.

This year has seen an unprecedented number of highly visible cybersecurity events. Entire countries disappeared from internet during riots and revolts in North Africa, Egypt, Libya. Metropolitan underground e-mails and phones were obscured by the authorities in San Francisco to “protect us”. Reportedly the hacker group Anonymous has now threatened to take down the New York Stock Exchange‘s computers in what we at Riskope would see as a “logical” development of the Men against Machines War we described in a recent posting…

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The Cassas Landslide in North Western Italy

As we presented this case at an the WLF2 conference in Rome, we have decided to publish it on our blog. A fully developed natural hazard risk management and mitigation approach. It constitutes a complete and fully developed case study which included the following phases: probabilistic behaviour forecast, behaviour monitoring (which luckily allowed to actually “see happen” what we had predicted a few years earlier), Risk Based Decision Making (RBDM), and finally implementation of mitigative and crisis management plan. Interestingly,…

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Skynet ‘s Terminator is happening now

 Every morning, day after day, we see rough market data, large volatility, brutal drops, sudden heaves. Some companies are seeing the market capitalization play yo-yo several times a week, if not daily. For example: Dendreon Corp.’s shares fell 69% in less than two minutes in April 2009 followed by an after hour rally. Diebold Inc., June 2nd , share price plummeted more than 30% in six seconds, before shooting back up Dendreon & Diebold shares most likely have been “victims”…

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