Our judgements are clouded by prejudices and misconceptions.

We humans often assess the probability of an event by asking ourselves if there are “cognitively available” examples, (i.e. readily available through memory) as Kahneman (Nobel Prize in Economics) and Tversky demonstrated in a series of papers published between 1971 and 1984, among which the most popular is likely the one entitled “Prospect Theory”.(1979 quoted at page 212 in our book) The phenomenon highlighted by Kahneman and Tversky is called “availability heuristic” and is one of the very well know…

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Systemic Organizational Constellations (SOC) Strengthen Your Organization/Project From Within

Riskope has teamed up with an international expert in the systemic organizations’ approach and offers a new format of educational seminars aiming at making you and your organization/project reach new highs toward organizing a serene, well-balanced, sustainable and profitable future. What about your team being able to simultaneously acquire the basis for a rational and scientific approach to risk prioritization and management, while becoming aware of any systemic obstacles that would render implementation difficult, how to solve them and develop…

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Strategy, Leadership and Success in Personal and Organizational Development

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of Riskope’s active service in the international Risk and Crisis Management arena. Although we exist, in one form or another, since 1988, our companies drastically evolved from Engineering to Risk and Crisis Management with the acquisition of a series of very unusual jobs in the early 90s. It appears now that those jobs were the tipping point of our evolution, as summarized by the following images. Riskope has been blessed over the decades with a…

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