Strategy, Leadership and Success in Personal and Organizational Development

Strategy, Leadership and Success in Personal and Organizational Development

Feb 1st, 2012

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of Riskope’s active service in the international Risk and Crisis Management arena with Strategy, Leadership and Success in Personal and Organizational Development.

Although we exist, in one form or another, since 1988, our companies drastically evolved from Engineering to Risk and Crisis Management with the acquisition of a series of very unusual jobs in the early 90s.

Strategy, Leadership and Success in Personal and Organizational Development

Risks Assessments Evolution Clientele

It appears now that those jobs were the tipping point of our evolution, as summarized by the following images.

Risk asessment solved problems

Risk Assessments Solutions

Quantified “Catastrophic Scenario” in Risk Assessments

quantified “catastrophic scenario” in risk assessments

Riskope has benefitted over the decades from a number of incredible opportunities to develop ground breaking techniques. That was mostly because of the exceptional foresight and acuity of our clients.

It has been for us a source of pride and delight to see the recent paper (Canadian Insurance, Risk Manager, Winter 2011, pages 8-12) devoted to Anne Chalmers, V-P, Risk & Security, Chair, Materials Stewardship Committee, Teck, client of ours since 1999. Anne’s impressive achievements are described through interviews of corporate key stakeholder and insurers, including the note saying that Anne “was made vice-president in 2009, and is notably the first risk manager within Teck to ever hold an executive title”.

Clients’ comments

Most of Riskope’s consulting work is covered by confidentiality and in some case military or governmental secrecy. However the written comments reported below, coming from highly ranked officers of international corporations, organizations, national ministries (including military) give us a strong signal for continuing in our path of innovation and good risk engineering:

Thank you for your endless help! (long time consulting/coaching client).

Not only was the course highly informative and pertinent to a multitude of scenarios across a wide variety of industries, it was also extremely interesting – a factor often missing from other professional development training seminars I have attended in the past. (a course participant from the printing/media industry).
Irrefutable results…delivered on time, on budget (client for a nation wide cyberwarfare risk approach).
Now I can see! (course participant).
Thank you again for the formidable, enriching job you did. I look forward to working again with you and learn more. (first time consulting client).
Working with Franco and Cesar has begun to bring clarity to an area where there is much doubt. The Oboni perspective is often unexpected, usually enlightening and certainly challenges preconceptions. (UNDP expert in unexploded ordnance).
2010 ICCBC Business Innovation Award.

How to benefit from Riskope’s approach

In addition to our website and blog, where we strive to deliver for free “the latest on the subject” to interested readers, our courses and seminars, which can take place in-house, web-based, or web-casted, are an excellent way to understand the benefits that you can reap from solid, no non-sense, risk prioritization.

In this 20th year of development and innovation, we will announce a series of new development programs and international cooperation. That will change, once again, the way our clients see their world, their environment. In addition it will empower them with new Strategies, enhancing their Leadership and generating Success in their Personal and Organizational Development.

Stay tuned, register (for free, of course) to our blog, contact us!

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