Two blasts have rocked saw mills in B.C. in recent times. One in January leveled the Babine Mill (Burns Lake), the other in April destroyed Lakeland Mills (Prince George).

In both cases, unfortunately, there were casualties. In both cases, the blasts were apparently due to sawdust. In both cases official inquiries are still ongoing, but the media have been filled with hypotheses and discussions. Reportedly (Globe and Mail, April 27th) “the B.C. Government waited until the second catastrophe this week to issue province-wide guidelines, inspection regimes, deadlines and, possibly, new regulations”. Reportedly (same source) “when an explosion and fire tore through the Burns Lake mill, owners of other mills…

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Evolution of Risk Management and Risk Managers

Twenty years ago positions like “Risk Manager” were often considered as a “glorified secretarial” positions. We remember some senior corporate officers calling Risk Managers: “the insurance guy”! Twenty years later, lots of pain and efforts have brought the Risk Manager position to be acknowledged as a V.P. position in many companies around the world. Many Risk Management Societies and non profit organization in the domain of risk management, claim, we believe rightly so, that Risk Managers are the officers that…

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