Riskope will present at the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Operational Risk half-day event

¬†Planned in Edmonton, AB, on Oct 12, 2012. Riskope’s talk will discuss Optimum Risk Estimates (ORE), as described in here¬†(of course in Edmonton we will present a “non-mining” application). Riskope’s ORE allows to: Avoid the pit falls that lead to failed Risk Management implementations Build and design a robust ERM program Gain cross-organizational alignment Quantify your risk measurement program Ore has already been deployed by Riskope at country-wide scale in Europe for Cyber warfare risk management and for one of…

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Risk Management is not a Fairy Tale, but sometimes strange things happen!

Two months ago Riskope was invited to give a presentation in Geneva, to an international group of Critical Infrastructures Owners and Managers (Power, Utilities, Distributors, Generators, Oil & Gas, Telecom, etc.). Right in the middle of my speech my cell phone rang! I was very upset: in more than twenty years of honourable career as a public speaker I had never made the silly mistake of leaving my phone on, silent-mode off! After all the commotion, at the end a…

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