Financial Impacts and Risks Due to Sick-Leaves at a Swiss Luxury Watchmaker Factory.

The CFO of a client of ours, a Swiss Luxury Watches company, called the other day in a panic telling us: “I have heard from a guy who works in an international organization in Geneva which deals with Health around the World”, he said, “that this year is going to be the year of a severe flu pandemic. I need help in evaluating potential financial impacts due to sick-leaves”. It was not to us to discuss whether the scenario of…

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Missing the “big picture consequences”

According to new data from the study “Sentieri” of the National Institute of Health, submitted to the Ministry of Health, in the city of Taranto, Italy, there was a 10% mortality increase in the period 2003-2008 with respect to the general Italian average rate. Taranto is heavily contaminated, in particular by a large foundry. The trend reportedly confirms previous analyses, covering the period of 1995-2002, which studied the mortality profile of the resident populations in sites belonging to the national…

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