Investing-in, Lending-to or Managing a Corporation: to what extent does the point of view influence the ERM decision making process ?

In this paper the ORE (Optimum Risk Estimates, (C)Riskope) methodology is deployed to enable the comparison of Management and Corporate decision making at ERM (Entreprise Risk Management) level. ORE is selected, as common practice risk assessment techniques (such as FMECA, FMEA, Probability Impact graphs, etc…) lack the acumen to enable the discussion to proceed. A published list of “top corporate concerns” for 2013 is applied against a Case Study (anonymous, well developed and managed mining) corporation for which an operational…

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Can we stop misrepresenting reality to the public?

We gave a presentation in Toronto, at the CIM 2013 conference. The main points made are the following: You cannot manage (your) capital if you do not understand risks. You will not be able to make proper decisions if you do not understand risks. You will not be allowed to operate if people do not believe, trust and understand you and your risks. You will miss opportunities and blindly expose yourself to risks  if you do not understand risks. If…

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