Modern Implementations of Risk and Crisis Management

Riskope will present in Toronto a three days course, September 23-24-25, for industries, money lenders and insurers Capitalize on expert knowledge to gain maximum value on these vital issues: IDENTIFY risks that really matter and have the potential to disrupt your business. CONVINCE money lenders that your business will be sustainable in a world of shrinking credits. DISCOVER issues that could lead to crises, possibly hampering your growth. PINPOINT threats that are lurking in any commercial contract, ready to bite…

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Implementaciones modernas de manejo de crisis y riesgos

Riskope presentara un curso en español para industrias, entidades crediticias y compañías de seguros en Santiago, Chile los días 12 y 13 de septiembre 2013 Capitalice un conocimiento especializado para obtener el máximo valor en estos asuntos vitales: IDENTIFIQUE los riesgos que realmente importan y que podrían afectar su negocio. CONVENZA a las entidades crediticias de que su negocio será sostenible en un mundo de créditos cada vez más limitados. DESCUBRA problemas que podrían llevar a una crisis y tal vez…

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The Secret of being Rich, Mastering Wealth: a Risk Manager Approach.

Forbes quotes 1,426 billionaires on this planet and there are approximately 63,000 ultra-rich people worldwide, with $100 Million or more in assets. Many famous actors and Hollywood directors, like James Cameron, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio are at least ultra-rich, with others, like Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise, well into the billionaire group. Of course I do not mean to offend anyone I did not quote, or inadvertently misplaced, but I cannot count pennies in everyone’s pockets! The Secret of being Rich,…

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Course on Rational Risk and Crisis Management

We present our next endeavor: Course on Rational Risk and Crisis Management in Kuala Lumpur. This course is suitable for anyone who is involved in process hazards, risk quantification and preparation of 360 degrees, holistic, ISO 31000 compliant Risk Assessment for business, operations, projects. You can see the brochure and registration information here. Course on Rational Risk and Crisis Management in Kuala Lumpur The methodologies introduced in this course will greatly benefit money lenders, insurers in addition to corporate managers,…

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Public Communication, Consultation & Participation

Riskope thanks Susan Zabolotniuk for this contribution.  This post is a complement to the  Oboni, Oboni, Zabolotoniuk paper entitled “Can we stop misrepresenting reality t the public” presented at the CIM 2013, Toronto conference. It is about Public Communication, Consultation & Participation in the mining industry. It is normal that experts will disagree in their analysis of results, such as with probability or frequency estimates. Yet when the public disagrees with an expert risk analysis they are dismissed as emotional or lacking…

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Rejection of Pipeline Proposal and Shutdown of Grasberg Mine in Indonesia: different events, one common cause?

Rejection of Pipeline Proposal and Shutdown of Grasberg Mine in Indonesia: different events, one common cause? Two news have triggered the writing of this post: BC rejects oil pipeline proposal for Enbridge’s Northern Gateway and Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold Grasberg Mine, Indonesia. That is the world’s largest gold mine and third largest copper mine. It could stay shut for two months after Indonesia minister calls for halt in the aftermath of a truck accident. It has been less than…

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