Follow up to: “accidents’ consequences can lead to diverging societal impacts: where lies the difference?” and “Metaphoric description of risks and their perception”

in follow up of Identical single accidents’ consequences can lead to diverging societal impacts and the Metaphoric description of risks and their perception. Nuclear Reactors: Accident c1: Class 5+ accidents (Fukushima, Tschernobyl, Kyshtym disaster, Windscale fire, Three Mile Island accident, First Chalk River accident,  and Lucens partial core meltdown) were likely to be interpreted as Sword of Damocles metaphor, but would likely be Medusa now. Accident c2: Nuclear Waste storage can be easily considered to belong to the Pandora interpretation, evolving into Cassandra (presently),…

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Risk Management Functions Audit

Risk Management Functions Audit Would you like to rationalize the sizing of insurance coverages? Would you like to understand extant inter­dependencies within and outside your system? Would you like to receive a unique management road­map with a unified approach to 360°­risks, including environmental, reputational and cyber risks spanning over your entire system? Risk Management Functions Audit The replies to those questions should be the direct result of your risk assessments. However, if your risk assessments are not explicit, up­datable and transparent, they…

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How Business are Adopting Encryption in their Security

Business are Adopting Encryption in their Security Riskope thanks Cherie Graham for this piece. It doesn’t matter when you read this article because when you do, there will be another big data breach in the news. For the last several years they’ve been everywhere, spanning from stolen credit card numbers from Target to the recent hack at JP Morgan, leaking personal info on more than 76 million customers. Data breaches affect millions on both personal and enterprise level. Encrypted text messages…

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