Season’s Greetings from Riskope! Voeux de Saison par Riskope! Auguri di Stagione da Riskope. Buen Fin de Año y Feliz 2015

CLICK THE PICTURE TO VIEW THE MOVIE! This year Riskope has decided to celebrate the Year End by proposing an animated Tale of King Provvidus, Riskopius, his trustwordy advisor and ORE, his faithful method. This communication project has taken us several months to complete and we hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to broadcast it and comment and share as you like! Season’s Greetings from Riskope! Cette année Riskope a decidé de célébrer la Fin d’Année en proposant la…

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Communicating risks, addressing the laws of complexity and satisfying the five roles of system science with ORE

It has been stated that “50% of the problems with communication are due to individuals using the same words with different meanings. The remaining 50% are due to individuals using different words with the same meanings” (Appleby, Forlin et al. 2003). ORE solves the communication problem by using consistently a well defined glossary. ORE satisfies all five roles of system science (Warfield 2003): it describes the physical world and portrays the results of interactions among a few of its components;…

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Is America Facing a Cyber Crime Epidemic?

Is America Facing a Cyber Crime Epidemic? Riskope thanks Eve Pierce for her contribution. When affordable cars were introduced to the American public in 1908, Henry Ford unknowingly brought in a new form of crime – technology assisted crime. Bank robbers became impossible to catch, speeding away from the police on horseback in their new Model T Fords. However, as usual, the authorities caught up with the criminals, and police cars by the thousands were brought in to deal with the…

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