Integrating Mitigations with redundancies in an Industrial Process

Integrating Mitigations with redundancies in an Industrial Process

Aug 27th, 2015

Integrating Mitigations with redundancies in an Industrial Process is an important aspect of our activities that directly benefits clients.

Integrating Mitigations with redundancies in an Industrial Process

Riskope was recently asked to review a risk assessment for an industrial process undergoing major expansion and upgrades.

Chemical Plant Accident

Chemical Plant Accident

Prior HAZOP and FMEA for the proposed facility existed. Neither gave the client required comfort that design decision-making represented an optimum.

Riskope started by facilitating the definition of the operation’s success criteria, its metric, and related failure criteria and consequence metrics.

We then described the system and modeled it including extant mitigative measures, redundancies and passive and active monitoring devices and techniques. Our specialists studied common cause failure mechanisms to reveal the effects of “false redundancies”. They also included  in the analyses Personnel actions (correct countermeasures deployment on the upward side, errors and omissions on the downward side).

Riskope then used the risk analysis to understand the “as is” risk landscape. In addition we then developed “what-if” alternatives with the goal of reaching tolerable risk levels (corporately and societally) within reasonable and sustainable Capex and Opex.

Riskope’s results

The analyses showed that some redundancies were not as efficient in reducing risk as intuition would have suggested. Instead, some additional measures, turned out to be absolutely necessary. We demonstrated the fundamental influence of crews training (error and omission reduction), personnel continuity (retention) and awareness.

The final risk-based decision design looks quite different from the initial one and the client is now comforted in the decision-making process that lead to the final configuration.

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