Big players beware! Corporate Social Responsibility, business ethics social license to operate.

Corporate Social Responsibility, business ethics social license to operate It doesn’t matter if you sell cars, mortgages, cruises, or oil. Neither it does matter if your Customer Experience NPS had stellar values up to «yesterday»! And finally it does not matter if your industry is a “one of a kind”, or you are the “largest”, the “best”, etc. If the images projected by the media or the news about your latest scandal (of any kind) are vivid enough to stir…

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Estimating Business Interruption. It’s not a matter of guts feelings!

Estimating Business Interruption Recent media reports on business interruption insurance claims triggered by natural catastrophes have revealed an ubiquitous trend to shortcomings. Business interruption (or BI) insurance policies cover the loss of profit that a business suffers after a disaster (such as the downpours in Quang Ninh, or what Godzilla’ El Nino could create) due to a reduction in turnover and the increased costs in running the business. The loss covered may be due to a disaster-related closing of the business…

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Maximize efficiency to reach your next levels in the Gartner Customer Experience Management Maturity Model.

Efficiency means getting the results you need with the least effort while ensuring economic returns from your CX program. Riskope was asked by marketing/CX firms to evaluate the Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter Economics (NPS, NPE® Satmetrix), Voice of Customer (VoC) procedures together with The Gartner Customer Experience Management Maturity Model to identify an efficient and streamlined approach to Management Maturity evolution. NPS has gained a large international cohort of followers because of its simplicity and apparently simple rules…

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Estimating risks, time and cost of a project

Estimating risks, time and cost of a project Recently we have been asked to review a risk assessment that shored a probabilistic contingencies (cost and schedule) analysis, such as, for example, the AACE International Recommended Practice No. 57R-09, Integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation of a Critical Path Method (CPM) Model. The client realized that common approaches such as: Probability Impact Graph based on indexes, “simplistic” definition of probabilities and consequences, and even poorly defined Monte…

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