Maximize efficiency to reach your next levels in the Gartner Customer Experience Management Maturity Model.

Maximize efficiency to reach your next levels in the Gartner Customer Experience Management Maturity Model.

Sep 9th, 2015

Efficiency means getting the results you need with the least effort while ensuring economic returns from your CX program.

Riskope was asked by marketing/CX firms to evaluate the Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter Economics (NPS, NPE® Satmetrix), Voice of Customer (VoC) procedures together with The Gartner Customer Experience Management Maturity Model to identify an efficient and streamlined approach to Management Maturity evolution.

NPS Net Promoter Score Gartner Customer Experience Management Maturity Model Dashboard

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Gartner Customer Experience Management Maturity Model Dashboard

NPS has gained a large international cohort of followers because of its simplicity and apparently simple rules of deployment. Riskope heard and analysed end-users concerns related to the unspecified level of uncertainties in the extant NPS procedures, arbitrary assumptions and lack of transparency of several methodological aspects. A R&D program allowed Riskope and the marketing firms to evaluate various alternatives and methodological approaches based on proven proprietary methodologies developed for other industries, which were adapted to the CX world. The development applies to any starting maturity level (from off-scale to initial, or any other required progress).

A medical analogy…

How would you react if you decided to have your health checked and the doctor, after taking you blood pressure, would reply by saying, for example: «It’s ok, you have 40!». 40 could be 120-80, but also 180-140! And your health would be in a quite different situation, right? That’s why NPS, resulting from the difference between the so called promoters (PRO) and detractors (DET) requires careful interpretation. The work you need to perform to evolve to a better level changes quite a bit following the «build» of the number.

Then the doctor would tell you that you require some further testing: say an Xray of your arm, an electrocardiogram and a urine analysis. You’d wonder what’s the link, right? The doctor would tell you that he feels those are important points for understanding your overall health. Once he performs the tests he would then launch into a complex set of correlations linking the results with your blood pressure and finally tell you how each test result weights on your blood pressure. What about the other organs and physiological processes in your body? How sure are you that curing your arm (which concurs to 5% to your global health, following the doctor) will actually improve your overall health?

… and the corporate version.

Corporations seeking a progress in their global NPS (which relates to possible income increase, your health) often decide to test various touchpoints (TP, organs, functions) between customers and the corporation. They do this by launching transactional surveys (analyses) based on the corporate feeling of criticality of the various TP. Then they do what the doctor did. Many voices are raising to express concern that this procedure is not the best possible one.

Do not worry, there is hope. If you have already performed a number of CX, VoC, NPS, NPE actions, we will use all of them.

Actually Riskope has developed a complement to any extant NPS/NPE application you may have already financed, working for eNPS (Employee NPS) as well.

From any starting maturity level (from off-scale to initial, or any other required progress) we will maximize efficiency. The first step is to describe the physiology of your system (customer lifecycle, customer journey mapping). Riskope recognizes that many perform this step later on. However, experience shows that it is critical to have it at hand to maximize efficiency.
After that, we evaluate each phase constituting the customer life cycle and the customer journey map. We base that evaluation on extant scenarios or evaluations. As Riskope’s system is scalable and updatable, the initial evaluations will guide the formulation of a focused and rational survey plan. That will step by step replace the initial evaluations.
Global NPS survey will help recalibrate the model time to time. The procedure will at any time allow running NPS/NPE analyses, at corporate request, to calibrate/discuss discrepancies.

Among the benefits Riskope will bring to your corporation we can quote:

  • Establishing a clear roadmap allowing the most efficient evolution between Gartner CX Management Maturity.
  • Optimizing income vs. expenses for CX, thus maximizing ROI.
  • Testing hypotheses (what-if) based on proposed actions (not simply on a possible global or transactional NPS increase).
  • Increasing clarity and transparency and allowing open discussions at any management level. That is instead than simply listening to the results of the surveys,
  • bringing to upper management a clear vision. That is achieved with  ergonomic, custom tailored dashboards. Another very important benefit of Riskope’s approach.

Telcos, banks, insurance companies, betting and gambling, online retail, retailers and suppliers at any level of maturity wishing to perform the next Cx maturity steps in the most efficient

way will benefit from Riskope’s approach. CMOs and all key positions in the marketing area will profit from these procedures. That includes of course marketing manager, customer acquisition manager, retention manager, CEO and CIO. If you have no doubt and are pleased with the results of NPS/NPE then Riskope’s program is not for you.

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Riskope has over twenty years world-wide experience. That experience spans projects evaluation, process validation, economic comparison. In fact one should not forget decision making support and 360 risk management from startups to Fortune 500.

Riskope is known for bringing solid and proven science to rational and transparent applications. That yields no-nonsense results on time and on budget.

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