Comments on BC tailings dams risk reduction audit

These comments on BC tailings dams risk reduction audit are based on the recently published AUDIT OF COMPLIANCE AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE MINING SECTOR. We were delighted to read in the audit: “1.10 Risk-based approach We recommend that government develop a risk-based approach to compliance verification activities, where frequency of inspections are based on risks, such as industry’s non-compliance record, industry’s financial state, and industry’s activities (e.g., expansion), as well as risks related to seasonal variations.” We couldn’t agree more.…

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Fund allocation from money lender

Fund allocation from money lender The idea is not to perform a full risk assessment or due diligence study, but to deliver an ORE based simplified functional a priori analysis for each company which allows comparisons, bench-marking for Fund allocation from money lender. The ORE based simplified functional analysis is scalable, allowing a company to opt to get deeper in their risks analysis to further enhance their chances of success. The analyses can be used by the individual company or…

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Comparing water treatment processes lifetime risks using ORE

Comparing water treatment processes lifetime risks using ORE Comparing water treatment processes lifetime risks using ORE (© Riskope) offers unique advantages to owners, regulators and the public. ORE is a convergent quantitative risk assessment methodology. Convergent means that ORE looks simultaneously at all hazard sources, avoiding the pitfalls common in “silo-ed” approaches and covers a wide spectrum of hard and soft consequences (direct, indirect). ORE is scalable, meaning that it can follow a project from pre-feasibility to grave without any loss…

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Major Mining Corporation Hacked

Major mining corporation hacked and their confidential information made public The Major Mining Corporation Hacked scenario we had predicted and explained has occurred. Indeed last week Goldcorp’s (TSX:G) payroll, trade secrets, and other intimate information were leaked on a torrent free for anyone to download. Last year a German steel mill was significantly damaged by a cyber attack. Especially with the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) cyber attacks have the ability to generate multi-faceted consequences on interdependent systems. These…

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