Mining deaths and injuries

A few years ago Riskope developed machinery-specific risk assessments. They were geared towards mitigating Health and Safety issues, covering Mining deaths and injuries generating high risks, in particular around underground coal extraction machines. Mining deaths and injuries We were recently delighted to read that All Mining Fatalities in the US fell to an all-time low (25 casualties) for 2016 (source Labor Department). The value is 86% from the previous low set of 29 (2015) and sharply down from 46 casualties…

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Cyber risks in mining oil and gas companies

Mining is in transition from the electro-mechanical era toward the cyber-informational one. Cyber risks in mining oil and gas companies become relevant and one should include them in any operation risk landscape assessment. Cyber risks in mining oil and gas companies Information technology (IT) , Internet of Things (IoT), and spreading connectivity are bringing very significant benefits to mining. However they increase the mining industry’s exposure to cyber criminals and possibly terrorists. This phenomenon is general and occurs in every…

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Anthropocene, Sapiezoic and Risk Management

With Anthropocene, Sapiezoic and Risk Management we wish to give a philosophical start to 2017. Remember Riskope’s 2016 Season’s wishes? Remember our chapter The Long shadow of Human generated geohazards: Risks and Crises in Geohazards Caused by Human Activity? Anthropocene, Sapiezoic and Risk Management We recently read an interesting article . It was the trigger to present an integration of a prior posts discussing Anthropocene, Sapiezoic and Risk Management. When did the Anthropocene start? The article starts stating that humans…

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