10 commandments for resilient design

The 10 commandments for resilient design we propose below are based on risk management concepts. They should be considered as a complement to the resilient design principles┬ádelivered by the Resilient Design Institute. Definition of resilience Resilience is simply defined as the ability to recover after an accident, the ability to withstand disruption and rebound quickly. In other words resilience is the capacity to bounce back after a disturbance or interruption. Resilient design is the result of an intentional effort geared…

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Less is more in risk management too

Complexity, interdependencies, black swans are all widely used terms among risk managers . Unfortunately some risk manager still use them to hide behind, while working ultimately with their gut feelings. However, all this can be solved with a properly defined glossary and a proper methodology should bring clarity and focus, as indeed, less is more in risk management too. FMEA or any another tool you use should simplify your task, ERM development, and not overwhelm you with pages and pages…

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