World food reserves worldwide would last 74 days

Print PDFWorld food reserves worldwide would last 74 days following UN estimates in 2012. A mega volcano eruption could bring the planet to starvation due to a “volcanic winter”. There are around 20 known super-volcanoes on this planet. Experts think major eruptions have a “frequency” of one every 100,000 years. That is at the threshold of credibility following “industrial” standards. Of course there is great uncertainty in these predictions. For example, Professor Bill McGuire, director of the Benfield Hazard Research Centre at University College London and a member of Tony Blair’s Natural Hazards working group reportedly stated: “Approximately every 50,000 years the Earth experiences a super-volcano. A super-volcano is 12 times more likely than a large meteorite impact (we will discuss this hazard soon in this blog). Places to watch now are those that have erupted in the past, such as Yellowstone in the US and Toba. But, even more worryingly, a super-volcano could also burst out from somewhere that has never erupted before, such as under the Amazon rainforest.” Thus, there is great uncertainty on the frequency, but also on the number of the super-volcanoes. One of them, in particular, has never been found, as we discuss below. A … Continue reading World food reserves worldwide would last 74 days