Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management

Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management is the title of our 2007 book. The book has sold through our website in 34 countries to individuals and CxOs eager to get a look into quantitative and rational risk management. Today, one can easily state that sustainability is a big topic in the Western chemical and mining, oil & gas industries. Companies want to be sustainability leaders although in some cases their claim sound more like PR campaigns. A recent…

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Information systems and risk management

Information systems and risk management discusses the necessity to create a structured and holistic view on all corporate information. Therefore we look at and how the holistic view should relate to upside and downside risks. Information systems are the set of analytical applications geared toward preparing corporate or project system’s data for business analyses and support to risk informed decision making. Downside risk is the product of the probability of occurrence of a hazard by the cost of the undesirable…

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Cryptominers exploit miners vulnerabilities

Miners are under a new attack as Cryptominers exploit miners vulnerabilities. Programs that hijack computer resources to mine cryptocurrencies without permission are indeed a new threat in the list. In summary, the “old list” for miners reportedly encompassed for example: Ransomware, which holds a company’s data hostage until a ransom is paid. data leaks. worms that could break down equipement “a la” stuxnet focussing on the SCADA system. However, the real-life general list is way longer, as witnessed by a…

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