Responsible Mining and risks

Responsible Mining and risks is based on a recent article discussing Pebble Mine controversial project and in particular its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).  The paper by NRDC Joel Reynold describes Pebble Mine as “Perhaps the most widely condemned development project anywhere”. It also explains that over the past eight years, four major global mining companies have abandoned the project. Namely: Mitsubishi Corporation in 2011, Anglo American in 2013, Rio Tinto in 2014, and finally First Quantum Minerals in 2018.…

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Cobriza, Peru tailings dam failure

Cobriza, Peru tailings dam failure occurred at Cobriza in Peru on July 10th   2019.  Cobriza is a copper mine. Reportedly “the concentrator was operated at a rate quite below its capacity due to lack of mine ore and lately (2016 and 2017) due to lack of capacity in the tailings dam“.  The plant is also subject to a highly controversial liquidation. Media invoke poor management as a cause of the failure. Google Earth image of the Cobriza mine tailings in Peru. The failed…

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Reporting climate risks

Reporting climate risks will become routine. Reporting climate risks means to publish what risks businesses face from climate change. Climate risk reporting may remain voluntary, an act linked to CSR (Corporate social responsibility) fostering SLO (Social License to Operate). However, the future may also go in the direction of compulsory reporting, perhaps as part of a document similar to NI43-101 or ad hoc documentation. Britain is the first G7 country to sign into law a requirement to reach net zero…

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Framing probabilities of new normal patterns

Framing probabilities of new normal patterns is oftentimes necessary. For example when geopolitical changes, climate change, etc., alter long term “normal” patterns. Oftentimes that occurs with seemingly repeated extreme events. The probabilities in the “New normal” may significantly alter the risk landscape around a project or a corporation. They may transform tolerable risks into intolerable ones, tactical risks into strategic ones (see figure below). To ensure decision-makers and management can keep optimizing tactical and strategic planning a rational, emotionless update…

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Risk triage, bundling and mitigation roadmaps

Risk triage, bundling and mitigation roadmaps shows how to define strategic, tactical risk and develop an actionable risk integrated framework for projects, operations and corporations. The text constitutes Chapter 8 of the book Global Hot Spots, Caltrop Press. Its title is A Practical Integrated Risk Framework For Projects, Operations And Corporations.  Risk triage, bundling and mitigation roadmaps Readers go through a real-life case risk register. They read about a common practice risks assessment and triage (heat map, PIGs, etc.) and…

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