Insurance denial amid climate change

We explore today how insurance denial amid climate change will impact assets and other aspects of business. In particular, we think at fires like the Australian bushfires and Fort McMurray (Canada) fire in addition to increasing rains leading to flooding. These will undeniably be a ‘big drag’ on growth and have already generated invaluable losses to biodiversity. Furthermore, insurance denial will become a  problem as we discussed back in 2016 and even as far as 2009. Insurance denial amid climate change…

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Probabilities of climate change events

Probabilities of climate change events is the natural extension of our prior blogpost on the ICMM climate change report. Will climate change generate new hazards? Because of the complexity of the issue, let’s start with a few statements. We will discuss climate change effects, but not climate change causes. In addition, let’s note that climate change may generate some “new” hazards, for instance, large scale, generalized: methane releases in permafrost areas (domes, pingos), ocean acidification, frost-free seasons allowing parasite to…

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Probability Impact Graphs do not fly

Probability Impact Graphs do not fly. For short PIGs do not fly was part of the title of a risk management course we gave at TMW 2012. In that course we explained why Probability Impact Graphs (PIGs) and “heat maps” are obsolete, misleading and should be abandoned. We recently read a paper by D. Vose who is finally “kinda coming to our side”. We are delighted by his paper. Indeed, at Riskope we started over ten years ago to point out…

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Climate adaptation and risk assessment

Climate adaptation and risk assessment are the main themes of a recent ICMM report we read during the holidays. Our take-away from the Climate adaptation and risk assessment report The ICMM report notes that physical climate-change risks and opportunities can impact mining companies in a multitude of ways. Examples are: operations, production, financial, social and finally environmental. Thus, the risk landscape of companies can change quite significantly due to shifts in probabilities of occurrence and consequences of climate-related events. The report…

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