Riskope Interviewed by Endeavor Magazine

Riskope Interviewed by Endeavor Magazine

Dec 8th, 2021

 I was delighted to have Riskope Interviewed by Endeavor Magazine. Indeed Alice Instone-Brewer of Littlegate Publishing and I chatted for over an hour. The resulting  interview appears in their Endeavor Magazine, December issue, page 33, https://www.littlegatepublishing.com/2021/11/endeavour-magazine-december-2021/.

Riskope's interview on Endeavor Magazine Calculated Risk

Riskope Interviewed by Endeavor Magazine: Calculated Risk

Alice selected “Calculated Risk” as a title for the interview. Although at first sight the title may seem as a “déjà vu”, I gladly accepted it. Because it clearly states what we do for our clients. Indeed, we develop quantitative evaluations of probability of occurrence and potential losses, as well as evaluating risk tolerance thresholds. These allow them to benchmark their risks and better perform operational, tactical and strategic planning.

In a world of rapidly shifting physical and social environment, the enhanced knowledge we deliver constitutes a paramount competitive edge.

Climate change, sanitary situations, socio-political turmoils necessitate understanding that common practice approaches do not grasp. Analyses need to accommodate “divergence”, i.e. hazards that do not follow “business as usual” patterns. In addition they need to be convergent, i.e. to encompass a 360-view of all identified potential hazards and their generated risks in a seamless environment.

Only then the risk landscape of a corporation or governmental agency becomes clear enough to allow for rational allotment of resources and benefit all stakeholders.

I hope you will enjoy reading the interview and that we will see each other in person for a consulting session or a seminar/workshop soon.

All my Wishes for the beginning of 2022!


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