An insight of applications of risk management systems to project valuation

An insight of applications of risk management systems to project valuation

Jun 15th, 2022

An insight of applications of risk management systems to project valuation is the title of an invited lecture at HAWK. More precisely, the Dean of the Faculty of Management, Social Work, Building at the HAWK University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen invited this lecture.

An insight of applications of risk management systems to project valuation

Prof. Dr. Matthias Weppler is the Dean (DEAL – Magazine | Real Estate | Investment | Finance) since April 2021. 

The audience

The Property Management Master’s course, offered at the HAWK in Holzminden since 2004, prepares students for leadership tasks in national and international property management. Prof. Dr. Matthias Weppler leads this course since the beginning of the Master’s degree. A special feature is the international orientation this study offers. As a matter of facts, this leads to teaching in special modules with international focus.

Indeed, the International Real Estate Markets module deals with international real estate markets. As a result the module studies the markets’ their importance, structures and peculiarities.  As a result, he has recently analyzed with his students nearly all major real estate markets.

Coincidences lead to interesting developments

In a recent Instragram post Prof. Dr. Weppler explains how he and Franco met:

“Sometimes it’s the coincidences of life that create interesting contacts. I went skiing in South Tyrol a few days before Christmas and in my hotel I met Dr. Franco Oboni. The spark jumped right away and I was able to get him interested in the HAWK and win a guest talk. Dr. Oboni is a native Italian, proud Canadian citizen, studied and graduated in EPF- Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL). After first professional stops in various companies he founded his consulting firm Riskope (Company – Riskope) in Vancouver, B.C.,  Canada.

He has been and is traveling in almost every corner of the world.  Companies in the fields of mining, dam construction and real estate requests his services.”

An insight of applications of risk management systems to project valuation lecture

The relation between project valuation and risk management is very important, but oftentimes ignored.

A project may seem profitable and enticing, however, hidden risk exposures may cripple it.

Tools such as Net Present Value reinforce the disconnect. As a result, the theme of risk adjusted cost evaluation is rarely approached by analysts.

At Riskope we have dealt with:

for various projects around the world, including multi billion dollars undertakings.

The lecture followed a very narrative style, with plenty of anecdotes, and covered:

  1. The evolution of risk assessment/management in modern times.
  2. What to expect from a specialized consultant. That is what clients wish, the public wants, and what regulators sometimes demand, and finally what we can deliver.
  3. The activities Riskope carries out for whom around the world (real estate/communities examples).
  4. Climate change and other divergent hazards (quantitative examples),
  5. Two real case studies (Commercial wharf and Multi-asset company spanning North America) and finally
  6. TCFD and TNFD implications (real-life example).

A group exercise followed the talk. A specific address in Vancouver was selected by Franco. He then asked the students to proceed to a high-level hazard identification. What they were able to detect in Google Earth? Finally, a Q/A session followed.

This exercise allowed the students to grasp the difference between business-as-usual situations that one should include in due diligence and hazards, then divergent hazards.

Closing remarks on an insight of applications of risk management systems to project valuation

The three hours lecture generated positive feedback and we will likely repeat the experience in the future.

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