Prefeasibility hazard adjusted NPV

A mining company asked us to perform a Prefeasibility hazard adjusted NPV evaluation. Our action first focused on bringing clarity in their risk register which presented numerous classic mistakes. Among these the usual confusion in terminology, confusing risks and hazards, uncertainties vs risks, etc. Once the risk register was corrected it was possible to perform the requested hazard adjusted NPV and to draw valuable conclusions. Among these, we highlighted potential fatal flaws of the project which warranted in depth analyses…

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT applied to tailings dams and associated risks

As everyone else, we got excited about the new ChatGPT so we tried OpenAI’s ChatGPT applied to tailings dams and associated risks. OpenAI is San Francisco-based research laboratory. Its founders and donors are, among others, Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, along with technology companies like Microsoft. ChatGPT is a publicly available free app that generates “human-like” written replies. The acronym GPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer” . Note that our colleague Mike Porter started a thread on ChatGPT on LinkedIn. Numerous members…

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ORE2_Tailings and ALARP

A colleague recently engaged a discussion on ORE2_Tailings and ALARP. He presented various refences on the subject then asked us to check if ORE2_Tailings™ complies with the various definitions. Indeed, we have published on ALARP in recent international conferences: Oboni C., Oboni, F., A Case Study on ALARP Optimization, Tailings 2022, Santiago Chile, May July, 2022 and Oboni F., Oboni C., Optimizing mitigation of tailings dams portfolios, Tailings and Mine Waste 2022, Denver, CO ,November, 2021 (video). We are delighted to report…

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