Landslides risk assessment and monitoring

During the first couple decades of our professional life we worked extensively with Landslides risk assessment and monitoring in the European Alps. Most sites were in Switzerland and Italy. At the beginning “risk” was not yet the buzz-word it became later. Clients and governments were seeing hazards impinging on population and infrastructure like transportation, hydropower and bulk-storage facilities. Engineering “repairs” were the most obvious path. Nevertheless, back in 1997 Riskope’s founder Franco Oboni participated in a IUGS workshop in Honolulu. The…

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Societal risk acceptability in the Canadian House of Commons

We are very pleased to see the notion of societal risk acceptability in the Canadian House of Commons, emerge publicly through the records. It is indeed a rare occurrence that information on our work is made public, due to the strict NDAs we sign with our clients. Actually, Mr. Chris Apps, Director, Lands and Resources at Kitselas First Nation, reported on Riskope’s work (see the section at 1655 in the record). Our findings were used to bring positive changes to…

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