Humanitarian Demining Risk Analysis and Tasks Prioritizations (Lao PDR, Cambodia)

Project NameCountry wide unexploded ordnance and land mines clearing task prioritization methodologies development
IndustryHumanitarian demining, International Organizations
Project ObjectiveWorld-wide risk assessment for the humanitarian demining industry, under financing by the United Nations: RI was the Risk Management expert of an interdisciplinary team of international experts in charge of a complete review of the industry standards and operating procedures, as well as of defining an holistic risk assessment, including social, political and long term legal risks for the industry.
Project ScopeCambodia was used as a case study. The results are visible in Chapter 4 of the GICHD Manual Demining Manual. A specific study was conducted for Lao PDR unexploded ordnance (UXO) evaluation and sectoral approaches were developed for Sudan.
ResultRisk Based Decision Making methodologies for better prioritization of humanitarian demining tasks.
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Mines and UXO examples

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