Riskope is an independent consulting firm. Riskope helps businesses and organizations to understand and manage risk.

Riskope’s has over twenty years of experience in mining and all related activities such as:

  • railroadsroads and highways,
  • specialized automotive and heavy machinery,
  • pipelines, power,
  • cyber defense, terrorism,
  • logistics and complex systems,
  • large decontaminations and environmental rehabilitations, and finally
  • water treatment.

Thanks to their horizontal and vertical multi-faceted, multi-hazard experience Riskope provides advice and decision support to company Boards and senior executives. Riskope’s clients are generally in charge of finance, environment, or loss prevention also in various non-mining arenas, including insurance and military.

Riskope identify, quantify, and prioritize enterprise risks related to life, property, income, or reputation. Thus Riskope helps executives and Boards to understand the consequences of potential risks. As a result, they can make informed decisions that preserve enterprise value.Alaskan mining truck

Riskope started in 1988 in Switzerland. Its mission is to provide structural, geotechnical, and environmental engineering consulting services around the world, including risk and hazard assessment.


The company has since expanded and manages an open network of professionals capable of working in five languages. The company focuses on quantitative Risk Assessments and Risk Based Decision Making Support, including “risk inclusive” life-cycle costs analyses. The proprietary flagship methodologies are Optimum Risk Estimates (ORE) and Comparative Decision Analysis/Economic Safety Margin (CDA/ESM), both ISO 31000 compliant.

Riskope has strong R&D programs that have lead the company to publish various “first in the world”, being awarded for its innovation and, more importantly, systematically exceed clients’ expectations in time and in budget. Riskope considers teaching and raising awareness as integral part of its mission.

The company’s founders are though leaders in enterprise risk management (ERM). They are seminar leaders, teach short technical and MBA courses, are facilitators.

Franco Oboni and Cesar Oboni regularly produce informative blog posts as well as technical papers that are published in scientific journals and conference proceedings. Together they have written a book entitled “Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management” and have created an avatar of the company, used as main character in an animation movie, named Riskopius.

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