Riskope is an independent consulting company.

Riskope today identify, quantify, and prioritize enterprise risks related to life, property, income, or reputation. Thus, Riskope support executives and Boards in their tactical and strategic planning. Indeed, Riskope deliver a description of the “risk landscape” surrounding a project or a company through better understanding of the consequences of potential events, hazards. As a result, they can make risk informed decisions that preserve enterprise and company value while fostering sustainability.Riskope is an independent consulting company.We started in 1988 in Switzerland as a geo-engineering company under a different name and structure. Numerous contracts gradually pushed Riskope to become a quantitative risk specialist, with applications in many areas of industry and business. In order to preserve ethics, avoid conflict of interest, Riskope abandoned any form of design. Their mission today is to help businesses and organizations to understand and manage risks, foster tactical and strategic planning. Riskope’s client are active in diverse domain such as:

  • railroads, roads and highways,
  • mining and their ancillary infrastructure,
  • forestry, pulpmills, sawmills and semi-finished products,
  • specialized automotive and heavy machinery,
  • pipelines, power,
  • cyber defense, terrorism,
  • logistics and complex systems,
  • large decontaminations and environmental rehabilitations, and finally
  • water treatment.

You can read more about clients and industries.

Thanks to their horizontal and vertical multi-faceted, multi-hazard experience Riskope provide advice and decision support to industrialists, insurers, lenders as well as review boards and governmental agencies, international agencies. Riskope’s contract holders are generally in charge of finance, risk, environmental protection and ESG, or loss prevention.

Quantitative Risk Assessments

The company focuses on Quantitative Risk Assessments, Risk Informed and Risk Based Decision Making Support, including “risk inclusive” life-cycle costs analyses and finally tactical and strategic planning support. You can read more about our methodology.

A strong R&D programs has led the company to extensively publish, and be at the forefront of various “first in the world”. Riskope received awards for their innovation and, more importantly, systematically exceed clients’ time and budget expectations. Riskope consider teaching and raising awareness as integral part of their mission. Thus, they teach in universities, at corporate headquarters, coach and mentor around the world.

You can read more about Riskope’s team.

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