Clients, Industries

Clients, Industries and Projects have included:

  • definition of needs and critical success factors,
  • enterprise risk (ERM), risk consulting,
  • business-as-usual risks, divergent risks (climate change, pandemic, cyber),
  • tactical and strategic planning,
  • portfolios prioritization and rational mitigative roadmaps,
  • training for corporate clients and finally
  • asset acquisitions, M&A,
  • negotiations with community leaders, as well as the
  • preparation of monitoring programs, Risk Assessments and Optimum Risk Estimates (ORE).

Clients, Industries

Assignments include expert missions worldwide. Below is a sample:

  • Africa: Algeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, Ghana, and finally Madagascar,
  • Asia: Cambodia, Japan, Lao PDR,
  • Europe: Italy, France, Switzerland
  • Latin America: Brazil, Chile, Peru,
  • Middle East: Oman,
  • North America: Canada, USA including Alaska and finally
  • Oceania: Australia, Philippines.

Selected Clients, Industries examples (some Client names withheld to respect confidentiality)

Mining and natural resources

  • Tailings dams, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ghana, Peru, and finally USA. Delivered to the client dams portfolio quantitative risk prioritization. As a result clients received support for tactical and strategic planning of mitigation plans and monitoring.
  • Open pit mine, Africa, Peru and Mexico. Helped quantify the risks of pit walls including climate change. When necessary the holistic approach included special reinforcements and SOPs and finally
  • Quantified ERM Canada and the USA. Forestry company with over 30 sawmills and pellet plants throughout the continent in addition to pulp mills. Because of significant interdependencies within and outside the system the results incorporated domino and ripple effects.

Flood and climate change

  • Estuarine island perimeter dyke, Canada. Created common process that delivered to the client a clearer understanding of the risks despite the uncertainties of the system (dykes construction). As a result we included tidal and flood surge in the analyses as well as instructions for emergency and disaster management.
  • Buffer stock optimization, Africa, Canada. Optimized the buffer stock volume based on potential accidents forbidding business-as-usual logistics. Indeed, the goal was to maintain production while minimizing the effects of operational risks.


  • Water treatment plants, Canada, eco-system risks. Facilitated the definition of the operation’s success criteria, its metric and related failure criteria and finally the consequence metrics. Analyses included personnel actions (correct countermeasures deployment on the upward side, errors and omissions on the downward side).
  • Technical review for the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board for the rehabilitation and risks at perpetuity of 230,000 tons of arsenic trioxide wastes.

Transportation and shipping

  • Commercial wharves, Canada. Provided holistic risk assessment and insurance limits evaluation, disaster resumption plans for bulk terminals (granular, mineral, oils). Notably, the study included multimodal access, hazards including terrorism, organized criminality, and finally climate change.
  • Alternative transportation systems, Peru, Chile. This study aimed at understanding differences in short- and long-term risks for three alternatives including an airplane shuttle system and finally
  • Mine access road, NWT, Canada, Chile. Performed a risk assessment for four-season access roads. Lengths were between 160km and 185km. The layouts developed in Arctic environment crossing a UNESCO world site heritage and high Andes. in addition we participated in information gathering sessions, technical discussion, and finally public hearings.

Insurance and civilian protection

  • Technical support to major international insurance companies, Canada, Switzerland, Mexico. Supported the insurance industry by analyzing complex events such as flooding of perimeter dams. These were subject to river and ocean pulsating tidal effects. In addition and other ancillary structures were analyzed. Over 1B USD insured portfolios.
  • Country-wide cyber defence risk assessment for critical infrastructure, confidential country. Developed an innovative methodology after completing a review of industry standards. In addition the scope included social, political and long-term legal risks and finally
  • World-wide risk assessment, Cambodia, Lao PDR for the humanitarian demining industry,. Studies under financing by the United Nations included UXO, landmines. In addition a world-wide review of mortality was undertaken.

M&A and construction

  • Specialty vehicles supplier, Australia, Canada. Merger and acquisition holistic risk assessment, including crisis potential, reputational issues and finally climate change impacts on the global operations and logistic of the companies.
  • Nuclear refurbishment, confidential country. Provided risk technical support and mentoring to the project risk manager. Schedule and cost contingencies development were part of the scope for this 10B USD project.

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