Clients, Industries

Clients, Industries benefitting from Riskope quantitative risk assessments

Riskope provides quantified risk management services advice and decision support to clients, industries boards and senior executives responsible for finance, environment, or loss prevention around the world.

Mining Resource Extraction and Processing

Riskope provides  quantified risk management services for companies engaged in Mining Resource Extraction and processing, including mining and oil & gas companies. Services include risk assessments at all stages of project development, project feasibility reviews and life cycle plans, evaluation of strategic alternatives, and litigation and insurance support, including insurance denial negotiations and rational evaluation of insurance limits.

Clients include major world mining players, from precious metals to coal, former asbestos sites and oil fields. Mines in Canada, US, Australia, Africa, Europe, Peru, Brazil, Chile.

Clients, industries in the Mining Resource Extraction. Services include risk assessments, project feasibility reviews, evaluation of strategic alternatives, insurance support.

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 Transportation and Logistics

Riskope provides risk management services for the Transportation Logistics sector of various clients, industries. Services include risk assessments, ISO 31000 compliance, business continuity and resilience evaluations, risk mitigation, and litigation and insurance support.

Clients include CP Rail, Mitsubishi Motor Company, and National Railway Company CFF.

Transportation Logistics. Services include risk assessments, business continuity, resilience evaluations, risk mitigation, and insurance support.

Energy Generation and Distribution

Riskope provides risk management services for clients, industries in the Energy Generation Distribution business. Services include quantitative risk analysis, risk response decision support, project life cycle planning, risk and security audits, and litigation and insurance support.

Clients include BC Hydro, BC Gas, Lausanne Utilities, and Union Pacific.

Energy Generation Distribution

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Government and Public

Riskope provides risk management services for Government Public Sector organizations. Services include hazard mitigation advice, risk response decision support, evaluation of strategic alternatives, and risk and security audits.

Clients include the World Bank, Swiss Army, Italian Geological Services, Italian Civil Protection, and the City of Turin.


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