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Our knowledgeable, senior professionals and principals are fully engaged in all aspects of Riskope’s projects. Riskope’s customized approach means clients receive tailored attention and personalized solutions. Riskope do not deliver pre-packaged studies.

Riskope’s senior professionals and principals bring specialized technical knowledge in tactical and strategic planning. They have extensive international experience working in capital intensive industries with global operations, in many business areas.

Franco Oboni: senior professionals and principals

Senior professionals and principals Dr. Franco Oboni, Ph.D.

Dr. Franco Oboni, Ph.D Civ. Eng. (EPFL), President of Riskope, is a veteran with over thirty years multifaceted career. He has covered many areas of business, industry and teaching over four continents. Due to his many overseas missions Franco lived through riots and coup d’états, in areas of conflict and is thankful he survived so many perilous situations. The result is an undeterrable life mission focusing on ethics, respect and communication. As a result, his actions are geared toward bringing value and sustainability not only to his clients, but to society as a whole. At each cross-road he reached he guided his decisions based on rational risk assessment and ethical values, sharing his knowledge via over fifty publications, books and courses.

Franco decided well before the COVID-19 pandemic to push toward remote consulting and coaching. He saw space observation analyses and other technology-driven approaches as paramount in order to dampen the effects of potential large-scale crises. COVID-19 proved his decision correct bringing a significant increase in business volume. During these times he wrote his latest book  Convergent Leadership-Divergent Exposures, Climate change, resilience, vulnerabilities, and ethics (SpringerNature, 2021), together with his partner and son, Cesar H. Oboni.

Cesar Henri Oboni: senior professionals and principals

Senior professionals and principals Cesar H. Oboni, VP

Cesar Henri Oboni is VP of the company since 2014. He is a risk analyst and consultant. He specializes in natural and man-made risk and risk tolerance quantification. As a result, he delivers residual risks landscapes to companies and organizations. Thus, his work allows clients to better understand their risk exposures, including:

  • societal acceptability,
  • willingness to pay, and finally
  • other social drivers.

Cesar’s seminal work improves an organisation’s social license to operate (SLO) and fosters corporate social responsibility (CSR) across a wide range of operations. Clients include metal and mining, insurance, transportation, harbor, sawmills, and finally industrial water treatment plants. In his former role (from 2007 to 2014), as analyst and modeler for Riskope, Cesar was instrumental in developing risk tolerances and risk crisis and reputational quantification models.

In addition to his contributions to Riskope, Cesar is also an advisor in the area of risk assessment (in synergy with classic due diligence duties) for an angel investment fund for start-ups. He is an active participant in various professional societies.

Cesar has lived on three continents and is thus experienced in multi-ethnic and cross-cultural settings. He believes that optimization of risk exposures, ethics, and communication bring value and sustainability to his clients and society as a whole. This outlook is clear in the book Convergent Leadership-Divergent Exposures: Climate change, resilience, vulnerabilities, and ethics (Springer Nature, 2021), which he wrote with his business partner and father, Franco Oboni.

Claudio Angelino

Senior professionals and principals C. Angelino, Principal Geotechnical Eng.

Claudio Angelino, M.Sc., D.I.C., P. Eng., is Riskope’s Principal Geotechnical Engineer. Over the last twenty years Claudio has cooperated with Riskope on many Italian projects related to natural or industrial hazards and land planning risk management. These included the environmental rehabilitation of the Balangero Asbestos Mine and several large Alpine landslides impinging on the Olympic corridor (2006 Turin Winter Olympics).

Claudio’s clientele are major international engineering consultant companies. The Asian Development Bank, World Bank and the EU Technical Assistance Facility have approved his CV for their projects. His consulting history includes studies, design and site supervision of complex geotechnical works for the infrastructure construction industry. As a result missions have covered roads, railways, water treatment plants, large monitoring plans, bridges, dams and finally canal projects.

Claudio was recently appointed as geotechnical specialist in an international panel of experts set up by the Lao PDR government in the aftermath of the Xepian Xenamnoy 2018 dam disaster. In addition he has worked in Australia, United Kingdom, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kosovo, Tajikistan and finally Kyrgyzstan. He has gathered strong experience in many areas of geotechnical and foundation engineering in soils and rocks. Among these we can cite: deep piling, excavation sequencing, groundwater and seepage control, slope stability, ground improvement, earth structures, geosynthetics and finally engineering applications. In addition he has also worked on many flood protection schemes including dykes design (stability, seepage, etc.).


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