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Franco Oboni heads Riskope, an international practice on Risk and Crisis Management based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and Lausanne, Switzerland. He provides management consulting, while being a coach as well as the author of over fifty papers and co-author of the 2007 book entitled: “Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management”. Franco regularly gives seminars, and workshops worldwide as clients include the UNDP, Fortune 500, World Bank. Among the corporate clients, several international copper and zinc, coal mining companies are present. The transportation industry is also present among Franco’s clients with railroads, highways, and harbors. Finally we can cite  food suppliers, military and numerous public sector clients, electric utilities, regional and provincial governments.

To date, Franco has managed a broad range of risk identification, risk assessment, crisis mitigation approaches. Franco has provided project management, risk and security audits, transformation programs and geo-environmental hazard mitigation studies.

Main books

Franco is the co-author of :”Tailings Dam Management for the Twenty-First Century” published by Springer ( and “Global Hot Spots: How Project and Enterprise Risk Management Practices Drive Business Results Around the World (Simmer System Book 4)” (

He was the the co-author of 2007 book entitled: “Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management” ( . He was co-recipient of the 2010 ICCC, Italian Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Canada West), Innovation Award.

Projects have included

  • definition of needs and critical success factors, 
  • enterprise risk, risk consulting
  • training for corporate clients, 
  • asset acquisitions,
  • negotiations with community leaders, as well as the 
  • preparation of monitoring programs, Risk Assessments and Optimum Risk Estimates (ORE).

To date Franco has taught at the University of British Columbia on “Design of Risk Management Systems” (Continuing Education), on Edumine and finally, more recently at a MBA course of the University of Turin. Now he delivers his customized seminars directly to interested industrial corporations (among his clients are BC Hydro, Mitsubishi Motor Company, Japan Metal Mining Association, to name but a few).

Assignments include expert missions worldwide (Algeria, Brazil, Cambodia, Italy, Cameroon, Chad, Ghana, Canada, Australia, Gabon, Madagascar, Lao PDR, Chile, Peru, Philippines, the US including Alaska, Japan, Switzerland, France and finally Oman).

Franco’s missions include

  • on-site consultation, 
  • business transformation initiatives
  • forensic analyses, 
  • mediation, and finally
  • expert witness and troubleshooting.

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