Risk Assessment and Decision Making for Tailings Facilities

Risk Assessment and Decision Making for Tailings Facilities

Oct 5th, 2014

Date(s) - 05/10/2014
All Day

Keystone Conference Center


This Course will bring much needed answers to anyone involved in evaluating tailings risks in projects (including pre-feasibility level), operations, decision-making in the mining industry. The Course uses plain language (whenever necessary technical glossary is defined), and no mathematical knowledge is needed to understand the concepts.

Recent major losses incurred by Mining Operations/Projects and Corporations around the world have shown that Risk Registers leave their owners widely overexposed. This is true for short term and more so on longer term.

After a brief review of general exposures and the reasons which have lead to them, the Course will first discuss common practice risk assessment, then recent developments techniques, including long term decision making.

In the second part we will show, by using real case studies how Mining Operations and Corporation can benefit from a transparent, proven and constructive approach to risk based decision making.

When looking at Tailings Risk Assessments for Mining Operations and Corporations we will show that many common practice approaches are misleading and could get their users straight in front of a Judge. Due space will be given to risk communication and crises, crises development and their management, business continuity, disaster resumption plans.

Group exercises will be performed, in a “simulation” format, where two or more groups will impersonate specific stakeholders.

 The concepts and methodologies exposed in the course are compatible with ISO 31000, asset management planning (and risk assessment) ISO 55000 and crisis management plans and communication plans delineated by ISO 22301.

Keystone course DRAFT May 14 2014

Category: Crisis Management, Risk Management

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