Customized Training & Coaching

Riskope help guide corporate managers, organizations and governmental/ international agencies with Customized Training & Coaching toward:

  • making better decisions,
  • steering projects across an ocean of uncertainties and finally
  • accomplishing successful operational tactical and strategical moves.

Riskope help to inform key personnel and mid-management in diverse arenas in need for:

  • transparent and efficient ways of evaluating alternatives,
  • comparing risk and crises potential and finally
  • making and justifying sound and sustainable tactical and strategic planning management decisions.

Through our conferences, talks and customized training & coaching, featuring concrete, real-life custom-tailored examples, our audiences learn to select the best suited options. They also understand how to:

  • evaluate and prepare for crises;
  • define acceptable and tolerable risks and finally how to
  • make better, sustainable and well documented decisions.

Offering customized training & coaching is one of the means Riskope deploy to support their clients. Indeed, Riskope’s business is to facilitate industries, ventures, organizations to swiftly reach their goals. In their courses Riskope show how applying good science to uncertainties and transparently balancing potential gains over potential threats benefits any endeavor.

Customized Training & Coaching

Riskope have extensive (over 30 years) experience providing personalized executive training and group seminars. These are focused on understanding risk crisis and exposure, operational tactical and finally strategies.

Courses tools for customized training & coaching

Whenever possible we use humor and our own set of avatar cartoons characters, designed for Riskope by a famous Paris based cartoonist. These avatars help to get the message across the audience. Indeed, an impenetrable aura of complex mathematics, myths and impervious literature has created the misleading impression that advanced decision-making techniques constitute the base and are the exclusive domain of high-stake decision-makers hiding in boardrooms with their analysts. Riskope’s customized training & coaching seminars and workshops change participants’ outlook on the world. Because they are real eye openers.

“Risk Avatar deck of cards”.

The deck consists of eight cards, each representing a “risk avatar character” we oftentimes encounter in industry and business.

Customized Training & Coaching

Customized Training & Coaching

A tale of a responsible king, a trustworthy advisor and his faithful method.

Riskope commissioned this video from an Italian animator to convey the basic idea of man-made and geosphere hazards impinging on a Prince (CEO) lands. Cost of consequences and public reactions are exemplified, as well as the role of Riskope and our quantitative convergent risk assessment platform, ORE.

Both Franco and Cesar regularly give speeches world wide, from SE Asia, to China and Japan, Europe, S. America and Canada, on an annual basis. Customized training & coaching generally take place in house for major industrial players, but also in Universities, for instance, MBA courses, and at various organizations headquarters.

Riskope’s lectures and speeches can be custom tailored for various audiences, going from a simple twenty minutes introductory, pleasant, non technical chat and finally to very involved case studies and even multi-days courses. We can address general areas of business and cross disciplinary audiences, or select specific yet very poignant themes, environmental rehabilitation of hazardous facilities, or risk tolerances.

Additionally Riskope share their knowledge through research papers, tools and guides and updates a technical glossary.

Customized Training & Coaching

Customized Training & Coaching. Here Franco is giving an overview of risk management approaches to key demining NGOs in Vientiane, Lao PDR.

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Customized Training & Coaching Testimonials

PEER: Mark Lee, Geohazard risk specialist, Sole Proprietorship. “Franco is a true pioneer with unique experience of the development and application of risk assessment methods to landslide problems. He gets the job done.”

EDUCATION, Simon Houlding, VP Professional Development, InfoMine Inc. “We have worked with Franco for more than five years presenting online and classroom courses on risk management in mining. It has been a rewarding experience and Franco’s courses are popular with our mining audience.”

MINING: Bob Gill, “Franco is a world expert in Risk. I have hired Franco to work on risk identification, risk mitigation and to run courses for staff on risk management. His understanding of risk and his ability to put it into terms for the lay-manager is excellent.”

UTILITIES: Peter Ficzycz, BC Hydro, Canada. Thank you for a wonderful and fabulous RISK Management Course. Your presentation of material was superb. I have attended several Risk Management sessions in the past, and I really appreciated your approach, both from an academic standpoint, as well as concrete examples.

UTILITIES: Bob Balbirnie, Strategic Maintenance Planner, BC Hydro. This was one of the most interesting and stimulating seminar’s that I have ever attended, truly an impressive presentation by a most engaging presenter. I am honored to have made your acquaintance and if ever I am stuck on any part of the risk management process, I will know who to call. Thanks for a very enjoyable three days! I found your approach to be extremely fascinating.

Organizations, press and media:

Tricia Pepper, Marketing Manager Japan & Korea, Financial Times Japan. In July 2000 the Financial Times engaged in a co-promotion with the Oboni group during the G8 Summit held in Okinawa, Japan. During that time, I had the privilege of attending a half-day course offered by Dr. Oboni on Risk Management. Not only was the course highly informative and pertinent to a multitude of scenarios across a wide variety of industries, it was also extremely interesting – a factor often missing from other professional development training seminars I have attended in the past. Before attending the seminar I did not really believe that RM was applicable to my industry (publishing) or to my profession (marketing). Dr. Oboni’s course made me realize that RM is in fact pertinent to every manager in every industry. RM is the one area where managers and MBA students are sorely lacking in training and information.

ORGANIZATION (UN/GICHD), Tim Lardner. “Franco brings fresh perspectives to old ideas and stimulates thought and discussion. Fun and personable, combined with an in depth knowledge of RM matters makes working with Franco a pleasure.”

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