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Event: Tailings and Mine Waste
Sponsors: Colorado State University
Date/Time: 14/10/2012 - All Day
Location: Keystone Lodge, 22010 U.S. 6, Keystone , Colorado

The Course will first discuss liabilities brought to Mining Operations and Corporations by (Tailings) Risk Management approaches using “Risk Matrices”, Probability-Impact Graphs, “Heat Maps”.In the second part we will show, by using real case studies how Mining Operations and Corporation can benefit from a transparent, proved and constructive approach called Optimum Risk Estimates (ORE).

Event: Hazards, Safety and Security Management of Mining Access Roads
Date/Time: 11/10/2012 - 12/10/2012 - All Day

Off-site road transportation (access roads) to mining operations (public, private or semi-private) poses a series of unique challenges to people in charge of their Safety, Security and Hazard Management. This course draws information from a number of real-life studies performed on this type of road by the authors, and presents them following the logic of a Safety, Security and Hazard Management Report that could be prepared for a road that crosses a variety of terrains and is subjected to a wide array of hazards, considering, of course, a variety of climatic zones.

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