Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management

By Franco Oboni and Cesar Oboni

You will learn:

  • How risk assessments are created
  • How to select the option of management best suited to you
  • How to evaluate and prepare for crises
  • How to define acceptable and tolerable risks
  • How to make better, sustainable and well documented decisions
  • How other organizations have behaved in the past

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Improving Sustainability through Reasonable Risk and Crisis Management, a guide to better decisions

Section 1:  Hazards, Crises, Assessments, and Tolerance

1  Management Approaches and Uncertainty

1.1  Three types of management

1.2  Causes of uncertainty

2  Assessing and Presenting Risk

2.1  General Risk Assessment Process

2.2  Qualitative, Quantitative, and Hybrid Risk Assessments

2.3  Statistics or Probabilities?

2.4  Common Misunderstandings

2.5  Representing Risk

3  Review of Historic Risk Management Methods and Models

4  Review and Assessment of Crises

4.1  The Public Wants to Know More

4.2  What is an Emergency

4.3  Evolution of Crises

4.4  Examples of Crises

5  Risk Tolerance / Acceptability

5.1  Tolerance for Physical Damage

5.2  Acceptability for Harm to Human Beings

5.3  Tolerance to Media


Section 2:  Examples of Risk Assessment and Their Use

6  Using Risk in an Urban Development Project

7  Using Risk in Humanitarian Demining Project

8  Using Risk in a Large Mining Operation

9  Using Risk in a Regional / Provincial Development Plan

10  Using Risk in Counter-Terrorism Planning


Section 3:  Risk and Decision Making

11  Comparing and Evaluating Alternatives

11.1  Large Scale Mitigative Policy

11.2  Decision Making Support Methods

11.3  Economic Safety Margin and Life Cycle Risk Assessment for Projects

12  Comparative Risk-Based Decision Making (CRBDM)

12.1  Using CRBDM

12.2  Including Risk in Project Comparisons

12.3  How Uncertainties Affect the Final Balance of a Project

12.4  Probability of a Financial Fiasco

13  Practical Aspects in CRBDM Calculations

13.1  CRBDM Data Set Requirements

13.2   Sustainable Decisions

13.3   How to Include an Income Variation Model

13.4  Variations in Risk Tolerance During Project Life


Section 4: Examples of CRBDM Use

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