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In our world we live in constant acceleration. For instance, Management wants instant answers, often high-level, with no time for details.

  • You may be submerged by risk and hazard data, IoT, big data, feel overwhelmed, or
  • risk controls may seem to be in place, but you wonder if they really are there, and finally
  • conflict situations arise due to lack of clarity in (internal-external) risk communication.

Riskope identifies, quantifies, prioritizes enterprise risks

Riskope’s belief

At Riskope we believe in complete, convergent, robust risk solutions. Because we know these can relieve all those issues.

Thanks to our wide spectrum international experience and our ORE methodology (Optimum Risk Estimates, ©Oboni Riskope Associates Inc.) Riskope believe we can offer an optimum blend of support activities, when you need them, how you need them.

Why can Riskope support your endeavors?

First, below is a list of Riskope’s areas of expertise that make it possible for Riskope to support you when you need it, where you need it.

  • Over twenty years of international quantitative risk assessment and management experience, spanning 4 continents: various industries, mining, forestry, construction, insurance, railroads and highways transportation, water, automotive, food and finally non-food suppliers.
  • Teaching, coaching, seminar facilitators experience, fluent in four languages. Specific MBA courses, senior review of professional reports where uncertainties and risks are discussed.
  • Capable of quickly digesting and distill large amount of information.
  • Hundreds of missions over a wide range of industries going from mining, in particular, base and precious metals and coal, to chocolate makers to nuclear refurbishment at various degrees of maturity,  and finally startups.
  • High problem-solving capabilities and additionally
  • Recognized authorities in the cross disciplinary field of risk advisory, crisis evaluation, decision making support, published authors of books and articles.

From risk informed tactical and strategic planning to healthy project management

Projects, particularly larger ones, are inherently risky due to long planning horizons and complex interfaces. Inevitable changes in management and workforce personnel during the project’s cycle increase uncertainties and generate unwanted additional risk exposures.

Comments on KPMG survey about third party risk management

Complexity, risk inter-dependencies and unplanned events are often unaccounted for, leaving budget and time contingencies inadequate.

May be you are among those who:

  • are concerned that all risks may not have been identified and their consequences are underestimated.
  • Find that too many risks are classed/binned together and lack adequate differentiation.
  • See that the existing project risk analyses do not include interdependencies, media outburst, potential for public outcry and the potential crisis impacts that could result.

At Riskope, we talk on a regular basis with Project Managers who want to fill these gaps, but who can’t find solutions in common practices. The good news is solutions exist and are affordable!

Most importantly, if you have at hand a clearer understanding of the project’s system your decision making will become easier and more defensible, costs will be under control— and, you will reduce the chances of experiencing the stress of coming in over budget, costly delays, being cornered, or worse of all complete project failure (on your watch).

Riskope will support your endeavors by:

  • enhancing your team’s understanding of uncertainties and risks,
  • evaluating events and the implications of your assumptions,
  • helping you discern between “business as usual” and risks too large to take,
  • performing solid and well balanced quantitative project risk assessments and finally
  • integrating the results of our analysis in a customized project management road-map totally unique to your business.
  • Deploy if requested an ORE solution.

Like many of Riskope’s clients you will see immediate benefits and realize the advantages of Riskope’s actions, including:

  • confidence, clear decision-making, and powerful leadership.
  • Clarity and transparency from streamlined Risk Assessment, by eliminating double counting and other common mistakes.
  • Ease of internal and external communication. Riskope use a clear glossary and definitions based on solid science.
  • Rational and unbiased inclusion of lessons learned from past operating experience on similar projects (if available). Riskope integrates your team’s opinion in a scalable environment. Finally,
  • enhancement of your negotiating angles and increase of your competitive edge.

As a matter of fact, Riskope’s base their actions on over two decades of international experience, the deployment of innovative, proven proprietary methodologies (ORE, Optimum Risk Estimates ©Oboni Riskope Associates Inc.) the capacity to digest large volumes of information aimed at:

  • Bringing crystal clear clarity and transparency to projects.
  • Building sound leadership.
  • Creating defensible stances and finally,
  • durable mitigation and management.

So if you are tired of:

  • sleepless nights worrying over your project’s risks,
  • chronic stress and concerns over quality,
  • overwhelming feelings due to vast amount of risk data, as well as
  • difficult calibration of risk mitigation efforts,

then it’s time to work with Riskope and see a ORE deployment custom tailored to your needs.

Riskope’s tailored Risk Management Services include:

Risk analysis & assessment reports

  • Optimum Risk Estimates (ORE) that use quantitative empirical data, careful modeling, analysis of probabilities and consequences, and an understanding of tolerance for risk, in order to establish clear priorities and allocate resources for action.
  • Risk assessment reports that objectively evaluate and quantify the risks associated with natural hazards.
  • Project feasibility reviews that provide an impartial, third-party validation of key assumptions, calculations, and risks for project feasibility studies.
  • Analysis of M&A transaction risks, to identify and quantify risks that could impact enterprise value. Finally,
  • Hazard mitigation advice, to establish clear priorities for action, resource allocation, and capital investment.

Risk management plans

  • Investment priorities for risk mitigation that align risk mitigation with risk tolerance.
  • Evaluation of strategic alternatives, based on comparative risk profiles.
  • Project risk management and life cycle plans, using Riskope’s Comparative Decision Analysis, to address the limitations of traditional Net Present Value (NPV) and organically include operational tactical and strategic risks.
  • Guidance for public consultation processes, that incorporate transparent risk assessments to builds supporters rather than antagonists.

Enterprise risk management (ERM) ORE deployments

  • Risk audits to verify compliance, identify gaps, and assess effectiveness of systems in preventing risks.
  • Supply chain risk assessment, to evaluate critical interdependencies and complexities of supply chain systems. Finally,

Litigation and insurance support

  • Insurance denial disputes, including review of risk assumptions used to support coverage denial and claims disputes.
  • Force Majeure clause assessments, to identify weaknesses in standard legal language that creates unnecessary litigation risk.
  • Negotiation and litigation support and finally
  • Expert witness testimony

You can see our list of selected projects

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