Parlando un po’ di rischio e di ORE

Riskope ringrazia Luca Calderan per questo suo contributo. All’estero quando si parla di Consulenza Manageriale nella gestione del Rischio le persone associano l’idea al rischio finanziario, ai grandi rischi aziendali, alle catastrofi naturali e di origine umana. In Italia invece in genere le reazioni sono due: gli imprenditori ritengono che il rischio sia trascurabile o che comunque non toccherà mai a loro, mentre le persone comuni sono convinte di essere protette dalla scaramanzia nella vita di tutti i giorni e…

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Our clients beat the trends. We are proud to contribute to their leadership.

Our clients beat the trends. We are proud to contribute to their leadership. This blogpost discusses this issue. The trigger lied in reading a Deloitte’s report. As a matter of fact, we read with a lot of interest Deloitte’s report entitled: Tracking the trends 2011, The top 10 issues mining companies will face in the coming year. The issues We summarize below the issues highlighted in Deloitte’s report: 1 Financing 2 Volatility 3 Stakeholders engagement 4 Taxes, regulations and governments…

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How to get the most out of (Vegetable) Waste Oil for your Small or Medium Business: CDA-ESM can help you to select the best option

Waste Oil for your Small or Medium Business Reportedly, some fast food chains started (2007) to use their waste cooking oil to make biodiesel. In one example encompassing 1200 restaurants, the entire corporate truck fleet of 155 vehicles was converted to biodiesel, which means 6.1 million liters of waste oil put to use on the roads. Other sources reveal that McDonald’s trucks in Austria have been using biodiesel “for a few years.” In order to show how Comparative Decision Analysis-Economic…

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Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast

Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast This Risk Based Decision Making in Mining Webcast course is the perfect alternative for busy professionals! Attend these live sessions from your workstation at home or in the office. Prior to the course you will have access to online e-learning material which will increase your understanding and appreciation of the webcast. This course also contributes to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)! Summary This course introduces a unified transparent approach to risk and crisis management…

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Balangero Asbestos Mine Environmental Rehabilitation: a Case for CDA-ESM

Mine Environmental Rehabilitation The Balangero Asbestos Mine Environmental Rehabilitation open pit mine, located 35km N-W of Torino (Torino), was the largest operation of this kind in Western Europe. The open pit was cut into the ridge of an elongated hill. The mill was located on one side of the hill and the dumps on the other. Dry tailings were lifted by a conveyor belt from the mill, located at the foot of the hill to a location near the ridge. From…

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