Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management The best ROI from Risk Management comes if it is conceived as a continuous support of a project from cradle to grave. It does not matter if the project is an acquisition, a strategic shift the board of directors envisions, a process change or some capital expenditure for an existing operation/infrastructure. The support includes of course scheduling and budgeting risk assessment. If the support starts at pre-feasibility level, the return on investment is the highest. However, we…

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Extreme Weather Is Already Draining The Biggest U.S. Companies

Extreme Weather Is Already Draining The Biggest U.S. Companies The recent Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) report shows how Pepsi, Allstate, Walmart, and dozens of other S&P 500 corporations face large financial impacts as climate change worsens. It seems that political diatribes over whether climate change is real should be over now? At Riskope we have been including climate change scenarios and their related costs for a few years in all our holistic risk assessments: from automotive producers and suppliers to…

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