Is America Facing a Cyber Crime Epidemic?

Is America Facing a Cyber Crime Epidemic? Riskope thanks Eve Pierce for her contribution. When affordable cars were introduced to the American public in 1908, Henry Ford unknowingly brought in a new form of crime – technology assisted crime. Bank robbers became impossible to catch, speeding away from the police on horseback in their new Model T Fords. However, as usual, the authorities caught up with the criminals, and police cars by the thousands were brought in to deal with the…

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New flu: Tora! Tora! Tora! may not be the best way.

New flu and Smoky souvenirs The man in front of me was very elegant, had impeccable manners, if only he had been smoking less. His corner office in the Tokyo HQ of his corporation, was indeed slowly delivering to its occupants, including me, an unbreathable cocktail of fine dusts and nicotine-tar loaded particles that probably still stains my lungs today. We had been discussing how my company (Riskope) could deliver to his organization emergency planning, crisis management in that difficult time,…

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