ORE2 tailings RIDM

We split this Chapter in two sections: section 10.1 discusses what actions one can take to enhance the knowledge base. These are obvious “simple” procedural mitigations. Thye lead to better understanding of the risks and/or to mitigate them. Section 10.2 shows how one can deploy ORE2_Tailings™ during the mitigation design process. That is in order to support decision-making. The goal is to define rational and sustainable risk mitigation programs. This process has to occur in parallel with the design by…

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Ship blocked the Suez canal causing a six days business interruption

Recently the Ever Given Ship blocked the Suez canal causing a six days business interruption (BI). In the aftermath of the incident world media reported that never before a ship blocked in such a way the canal. They added “this is a black swan”, a usual preposterous statement. Many enterprises rely on third party companies for shipping goods. Approximately 10% of the global shipping volume goes through Suez Canal as the canal represent a shorter and safer route from Asia to…

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4 tricks in the bag to introduce beneficial randomness in risk assessment (hazard identification) interviews

In our last blogpost we discussed the “Daddy what’s that?” attitude. We adopt it during our site visits and interviews to disrupt workers’ (or stakeholders) complacency. That attitude introduces that randomness that psychological tests have shown to be so important. Over the years the “Daddy what’s that?” attitude has brought incredible benefits to our clients and great professional satisfaction to us. Our goal is not to perform an audit, it is not a policing act. All we want to achieve…

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