What M. Planck, G.B. Shaw and A. Rand have to do with Risk Management?

What M. Planck, G.B. Shaw and A. Rand  have to do with Risk Management? Max Planck wrote: “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” At Riskope belong to those who argue that the transition from faith and luck, which were two pillars, fortunately not the only ones, of planning/managing the future of…

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Why when approaching Strategic, Tactical & Operational planning one needs to know about Ostriches, Denial, and Prayers.

Strategic, Tactical & Operational planning While the world was feeling the aftershocks of the Great Recession, we wrote about 16 common Human traits when dealing with hazards and risks. Some of those 16 traits lead individuals and often their organizations to assume stances called Ostrich, Denial or Prayer, resulting in flawed Strategic, Tactical & Operational planning options and occasionally exposing them (and their neighbors, their environment, society at large) to significant hazards which could generate large unintended consequences, i.e. large risks leading to…

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Long term risk mitigation plans at country wide scale can be measured

Humanity’s risk profile is changing Long term risk mitigation plans at country wide scale can be measured. The elements of humanity’s global risk equation, which already seem, also thanks to media and informational pressures, to describe an ascending and worrisome trajectory, will change radically in the future (Financial Times, 2007). Among these changes we can cite: Some parameters of change Global climate change (natural hazards). The intensity/magnitude, probability and annual distribution of many natural hazards may change because of global…

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