A risk advisor point of view on Blockchain

A risk advisor point of view on Blockchain is the result of recent readings in specialized news outlets. Some boldly stated “… and just hope you jumped on time on the bandwagon as such solutions will likely represent a deadly competitive threat to those who do not have them.” Why is that statement so bold and enthusiastic? The idea is indeed extremely enticing: imagine having solutions capable of replacing many of the most onerous processes in contracts and transactions. For…

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How Business are Adopting Encryption in their Security

Business are Adopting Encryption in their Security Riskope thanks Cherie Graham for this piece. It doesn’t matter when you read this article because when you do, there will be another big data breach in the news. For the last several years they’ve been everywhere, spanning from stolen credit card numbers from Target to the recent hack at JP Morgan, leaking personal info on more than 76 million customers. Data breaches affect millions on both personal and enterprise level. Encrypted text messages…

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Sexual “honey traps”, Security, Safety, SoP and my Mother

Sexual “honey traps”, Security, Safety, SoP and my Mother Reportedly the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) recently tactfully warned travelling government officials that there are bad guys and girls out there who could attract them into sexual “honey traps” with the goal of bringing them under coercion, steel information or both. My Mama used to tell me not to accept candies from strangers (when I was a child of course, but actually she still does…). My Mama did not…

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Information Security, Cyberwarfare, Security Guidelines.

This year has seen an unprecedented number of highly visible cybersecurity events. Entire countries disappeared from internet during riots and revolts in North Africa, Egypt, Libya. Metropolitan underground e-mails and phones were obscured by the authorities in San Francisco to “protect us”. Reportedly the hacker group Anonymous has now threatened to take down the New York Stock Exchange‘s computers in what we at Riskope would see as a “logical” development of the Men against Machines War we described in a recent posting…

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