Risk culture at Boeing vs Mining

Risk culture at Boeing vs Mining looks at the Boeing’s special committee re-evaluation of procedures and compares them to mining world issues. Indeed, in the aftermath of the Boeing 737 Max, Boeing created a special committee. The intention is to better their projects safety procedures. Perhaps something similar to the initiative ICMM has launched lately for the mining industry. That is  in the aftermath of recent catastrophic tailings dams accidents. The ICMM report is not yet available, so, in the…

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Big data or Thick data: two faces of a coin

Big data or Thick data: two faces of a coin which can be defined as follows. Big data (BIDA) is a term for large or complex data sets that traditional software has difficulties to process. Process generally means for example capture, storage, analysis, curation, searching, sharing, transferring, visualizing, querying, updating, etc. However, the term also often refers to the use of predictive analytics, user behavior analytics or certain other advanced data analytics methods. Analysis of data sets can find new…

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